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Free parking with parking-disc  

In Varberg you can park for free at public parking lots and parking garages. You can use a parking-disc (p-skiva) which can be purchased at the Tourist Information Center as well as in several shops. If you do not have a parking-disc, it will be enough with a handwritten note specifying arrival time, according to the regulations.

How to display your parking-disc

Set the dial to the next coming hour or half hour, starting from the time you park your car. The parking-disc is to be placed behind the front windshield, easily readable from the outside.
The parking time may not exceed the maximum allowed time, which is specified at the parking-sign.

The parking-disc setting may not be changed during parking within the specified time limit.

Motorcycle and mopeds class 1 do not need to use a parking-disc for practical reasons, but apply other parking regulations.

Parking before time limit

If the arrival occurs before the time limit specified on the parking-sign, the parking-disc is set at the time the restriction begins, for example at 09.00.

Parking garage

If you are going to visit the center of town, there are usually available parking spaces in our six parking garages. In these, you can park for free, just a few minutes from the square.
24-hour parking In the parking garage Briggen you have the possibility to park for up to 15 days. More information about fees and long-term parking can be found on the information boards in Briggen.

There are over 1,200 parking spaces in our parking garages

1. Briggen 293 spaces                                                                     
2. Trädgården 235 spaces
3. Kyrkoherden Bäckgatan 76 spaces
4. Kyrkoherden Prästgatan 128 spaces
5. Lorensberg 466 spaces
6. Kanngjutaren 60 spaces



For questions about public street parking and parking lots: Varberg direct,
phone +46 340-88 000.
For questions about the parking garage: Varbergs Fastighets AB,
phone +46 340-50 60 70